Konstantin Kayatma


Music producer and composer






I work for media productions, feature films for cinema, videogames and television.

musical experience
of all ethnic in the world
music that makes you feel
Those sounds that give goosebumps


Konstantin Kayatma is a sound producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is the author of emotional chillout music blended in different styles, spiced with breakbeat rhythms, ethnic tunes, synthetic overtones, and live instruments. Kayatma is a regular performer at parties and festivals in Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.



You can listen to all the music on soundloud.com/kayatma

Fresh projects

  • 2020
    Creating sample packs in Mubert
  • 2019
  • 2018
    Taiwan International Festival

Here are the last three albums:

“Ambivalence” is a new album in the emotional lounge, stiffed with trap music and braided with cross-cultural ethnic melodies. It has a firm basis for emergent fusion of breaks, jazz, folk tunes, and electronic experiments.

Live the inner state in dance, dive inside and meet the shadows, fly up towards the Sun, enjoy levitation and let the gravity take you back. Return to the favorite island and heal the soul.

The new album ONA is a story about the most wonderful being of the world, about a woman. She is the Universe, she is the Star, she is the Mother Nature and the Life herself. Everything has female energy, and, in particular, music has it. This album includes nine songs with nine female voices, views and souls. Each of the songs has a story and a mystery, and they all compound an enigmatic image of a complicated but still endlessly beautiful and delicate creature that is called She. And she is the one.

ONA is a story about the most wonderful being of the world, about a woman. Its second volume takes us to a journey through hidden areas of the feminine nature. This nature is highly unpredictable and is usually not so romantic. From endless melancholy to hi-tech humor, from spiritual mysticism to freaky folk festivals. But without meeting its shadows you will never know the true nature of the Woman, that one who unites and shelters all of us.