Emotional chillout, flavored with a little bit of everything: electronic, breakbeat, ethnic, new age, instrumental.

Mixing and interpenetration of cultures of different peoples on the fertile soil of modern electronics. Driven by slightly naive dreams of world peace, Kayatma travels the planet collecting precious pearls of distinctive melodies and sounds. Absorbing these unique national differences in music, realizing the individuality of each ethnic group.

As the body (kaya) strives for unity with the soul (atma), so musicians of all continents, through harmonious vibration, strive to establish contact between people, nations, cultures and even religions. In her compositions, Kayatma finds a delicate balance of sounding instruments and harmonic moves that are not connected in the usual sense. It is a constant experiment to the point of being judged by professionals who honor tradition and ethnic authenticity. Kayatma respects the purity and correctness of the original approaches to music, but it is by breaking the rules that you can learn something new about yourself and the world.